The mind was dreaming.

                                                                                           The world was its dream.


                                                                                           Jorge Luis Borges

    It is in the nature of men to be absorbed by the future as if magnetized by timeless gravity, falling deeper and deeper into their own humanity. And if in Walter Benjamin’s angelus novus we picture his gaze of horror, shaken and frightened by what he sees as he gazes upon the past, the man in his fall evinces unperturbed passivity towards the future.

As in a dream state, through that suspended fall the man’s mind is a container holding past, present and future in a single consciousness. It is in this construction, as in a dream, in his mind, where man envisions and shapes the world.

Out there, there may be no more than void, and the fall may be eternal. 

Perhaps this is the reason why we recurrently dream about falling. Perhaps falling isn’t a dream at all—perhaps falling is what’s real.

1-channel video / HD format  / 14’30 min / 2014-17

Music: In CirCles II for electric quartet (2007-2015) by Claudio F. Baroni. Interpreted by Ensemble Modelo62

Image view at Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania, Venice Biennale, VIVA ARTE VIVA

Produced with financial support of the Mondriaan Fonds.